Hallee’s Tantalizing Traditional Turkey Gravy

Traditional Turkey Gravy

When my mom makes turkey gravy, she always makes giblet gravy (recipe to follow).  It took me many years to learn how to make any other kind of gravy.  Now that I make this recipe, it would be hard for me to say whether I prefer giblet gravy over this traditional gravy or not!  It is really flavorful and the perfect compliment to the rest of your Thanksgiving feast.


2 cups Tasty Turkey Broth (if you don’t have any pre-made, you can use the juice from roasting your turkey)
½ tsp black pepper
1 tsp ground sage
2 tsp dried parsley
¼-½ tsp garlic powder (to taste)
¼-½ tsp onion powder (to taste)
salt to taste
3 TBS cornstarch
½ cup cool Tasty Turkey Broth or water


measuring cups/spoons
small bowl


To make the turkey broth, you can remove the neck or a wing (or both!) from the turkey and cover with 3 cups of water.  Add a roughly chopped carrot, a roughly chopped celery stalk, and about ¼ of an onion, about ½ tsp salt.  Bring it to a boil, then let it simmer for several hours (while the turkey cooks).  Strain it when ready to make the gravy.


Use the drippings from the pan from roasting your turkey.


Follow my recipe for Tasty Turkey Broth.

I’ve done it each way and don’t have an end-result preference.  Usually it depends on the quantity and whether I want to store some Tasty Turkey Broth for future use.


Bring 2 cups of broth, pepper, sage, parsley, onion powder, and garlic powder to a boil.  (Note: depending on the flavor of your broth, you may not need all of these seasonings – taste it and determine that.)

In a small bowl, whisk the cold broth (or water) with the cornstarch until smooth.

Using a whisk, slowly pour the cornstarch mixture into the broth.  As soon as it thickens, remove from heat (overcooking cornstarch will make it lose its thickening power.)

Salt to taste.


About 2 cups.

No saturated fat
No cholesterol

I would love to hear any feedback about this recipe. Did you make it? Did you enjoy it? Did you make any adjustments to it?


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