Christmas Baking Attack Plan – Week #1

As I write this, it’s December 1st and we have three weeks to prepare for our Christmas baking gift giving.  This is a tradition my mother taught me, and something I look forward to and plan for every single year.
I love giving my friends delicious homemade treats as a Christmas gift.  I used to do it while I worked full time, and would spend and entire Saturday and most of a Sunday baking and cooking and cleaning and mixing.  Over the years, I’ve learned how to space the work out so that it’s not so frantic and exhausting.  Even if you work, you can do it this way.
For the first week, we just want to plan and make lists.  Here are the lists you need to make:
  1. Who is on your gift list?
  2. What will you be making?
  3. What supplies do you need from a store other than the grocery store?
  4. What supplies do you need from the grocery store?

Here are three of my lists:

What I’m Making:

  1. Fudge
  2. Captain Crunch Candy
  3. Sugar Cookies
  4. Wreath Cookies
  5. Cranberry Nut Bread
  6. Banana Nut Bread
  7. Individual Red Velvet Bundt Cakes

  1. Platters
  2. Plastic Wrap
  3. Bows
  4. Doilies
  5. Mini Aluminum Loaf Pans


  1. chocolate chips
  2. marshmellow cream (I will make homemade — corn syrup,eggs, sugar)
  3. walnuts

Captain Crunch Candy:

  1. Captain Crunch
  2. Rice Krispies
  3. mini marshmellows
  4. mixed nuts
  5. almond bark

Sugar Cookies:

  1. white flour
  2. butter
  3. white sugar
  4. powdered sugar
  5. various colorings, sprinkles, sugars, etc.

Wreath Cookies:

  1. whole wheat flour
  2. coconut oil
  3. sugar
  4. eggs
  5. butter
  6. white chocolate
  7. dark chocolate
  8. red and green holly sprinkles

Cranberry Nut Bread:

  1. cranberries
  2. white flour or whole wheat flour
  3. pecans
  4. butter
  5. eggs
  6. white sugar
  7. oranges

Banana Nut Bread:

  1. ripe bananas
  2. white flour
  3. white sugar
  4. butter
  5. eggs
  6. plain yogurt
  7. walnuts

Individual Red Velvet Bundt Cakes:

  1. white flour
  2. white sugar
  3. eggs
  4. chocolate
  5. red food coloring
  6. powdered sugar
  7. butter
  8. cream cheese

Also some staple items: baking powder, baking soda, Kosher salt, vanilla

As you’re doing your Christmas shopping, start keeping an eye out for the non-perishable items.  You’ll need one platter per recipient, and you’ll need to figure quantities of production for each item.  (Don’t worry – we’ll do that next week in detail.)

Enjoy this!  It is such a blessing to give a gift that is something delicious and beautiful and festive that you’ve made yourself.


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