Fun Friday: The Inside of My Purse

Today is Friday.  I’ve been an hour or two behind in getting posts up all week, so if you get my email, you’re reading this on Saturday.  I’ve just not really had any blogging umph this week, to be perfectly honest.  And since I bombarded you with squash recipes last week during Squash Week!, I didn’t want to just post a bunch of recipes, even though I have a plethora of recipes in my queue.  Consequently, here we are, late again, and this morning I’m just drained.  You see, today is Gregg’s last day at home.  After four wonderful weeks, the boys and I will take him to the airport tonight and he’ll get back on a plane headed to Afghanistan.  The next time he comes home will be forever, but that doesn’t change the way it feels to drive away from the airport without him.  Again.

So, I’ve dubbed today “Fun Friday!”  And, in a desperation to use as little creative energy as possible, we’re going to dissect Hallee’s purse.

I’m a purse girl.  If Gregg can’t find me in a store, he’ll go look in the purse section.  I have purses in every possible style and color.  I love wallets, checkbooks, little purse accessories.  Until I dumped it this morning to take pictures, I had no idea how much junk I actually had.

Here’s the purse.  You’ll be shocked at how much I shoved in it.

Here’s the inside.  It looks harmless enough.

The pile. Unedited, unadulterated.

You have my wallet.

My Bible.  This is my “purse Bible” – it’s slim and easy to carry around.  My study Bible is much much larger.

My card wallet.  Shopping with my dad one day, I pulled my card wallet out to dig through it and find whatever card to whatever specific store, and he said, “That’s a lot of cards.”  To which I replied, “Every stinkin store requires their own card.”  To which he replied, “My life isn’t that complicated.”  Touche’, Daddy.

The cool thing about my card wallet is that it holds this.  A Swiss army knife that’s the size of a credit card.

I have baby Tylenol, hand sanitizer, lipstick, a hairbrush/mirror combo thing that rocks the planet, and chapstick.

A sewing kit.

A safety pin, hair tie, and, strangely, a diaper pin.  I don’t know why that’s in there.  We haven’t used cloth diapers in some time.

My ipod and headphones.

Pens.  And pens.  Colored pens, black pens.  Pens my husband mailed me.  Can’t ever have too many pens.

Pictures from the boys playing at Chuck E Cheese yesterday.

Miscellaneous receipts that should be inside the wallet instead of loose in the purse.

Gum.  Minty gum for me, fruity gum for the boys.

What’s in your purse?



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