My Awesome Husband’s Love Language ♥

About a year ago, Gregg and I read Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It made such perfect and total complete sense that it COMPLETELY changed how we approach loving each other and our marriage. Even if you think you have a wonderful marriage, I would highly recommend this book to anyone. In fact, it is now a standard bridal shower and/or wedding gift for us to give out.

In it we learned, among many other things, that Gregg’s love language is giving gifts. Lucky me, you might be thinking. :) However, my love language is not receiving gifts, so he’s still forced to step outside of his comfort zone. But that doesn’t stop him from raining the love down on me in his way.

My flash on my camera broke a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been kind of limited in taking pictures in the kitchen for this blog. I got a box in the mail today. in it I found this:


Can you see the awesome pinkness?

It came with this – the coolest tripod I’ve ever seen:


More pinkness. :)

But that’s not even the coolest. Check this out:


A PURPLE video camera!

He told me that he ordered these for my blog.

Look out blogging world, nothing can stop me now!

I love my husband. ♥


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