Easy Independence Day Wreath

It took me more time making a decision about which flowers I wanted on this wreath than it did for me to put it together.  No kidding, five minutes after I laid out the supplies, I was hanging the wreath on my door.  Buying everything new (including the wreath – but, really, you only need one for the entire year), the total cost was $25.

I picked the same design of flowers in red, white, and blue.  Whether these flowers grow naturally in these colors or not, I don’t know.  I’d thought about staying strictly within the confines of nature, but the more I looked at combinations in the craft store, the more I decided that it wasn’t that important.

I bought a pre-made bow.  I had ribbon in my hand to make my own, then saw these already made.  Since the blue matched the flowers perfectly, I went with pre-made.

I also found a really neat Uncle Sam that I thought would tie it all together nicely.

I laid out all of the supplies.

After I used wire cutters to trim the wire stems, I placed the flowers where I wanted them, pushing the wire stems through the twigs of the wreath.

The bow had a wire tie that just had to be secured to the wreath.

Then I placed Uncle Sam in his spot.

In less than five minutes, I had it all put together.  It looks festive and beautiful against my red door.



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