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I’m in a ladies’ group on Wednesday nights at my church.  We typically do a book study (I can highly recommend Crazy Love by Francis Chin – our most recent book) or just general Bible studies.

We’ve broken off from the norm since August and are listening to the testimonies of various women in the church.  So far, I don’t think any of the women have been members of the class.  This has been an amazing and wonderful journey for me.

Several of the women speaking have said that when they were asked to give their testimony, they weren’t sure what they would say because they didn’t have some amazing and wonderful earth-shattering type of testimony.  But all of them said that they were so glad to sit down and prepare the testimony because it reminded them of all of the ways God has worked in their lives.

The woman this week said, “My mother grew up in this church and I was born into this church.”  Yet, before this – what she thought was a simple testimony – was over, I was in tears.  So was the rest of the class.  The evidence of God’s power in her life was so overwhelming.  I’m so thankful that I was present to hear her story.

It makes me think of my testimony. The things I’ve written on this blog in my testimony just barely scratch the surface of the ways God has worked in my life.  I could write a book – and there are people who regularly encourage me to do so.  God has moved through my life in one way or another all of my life, always faithful, never leaving me stranded.

It’s nice to hear other testimonies and let them speak to my heart – let them be a reminder to me to make me reflect in the love that God has for all of us.  I never want to take it for granted, yet I’m sure I do all the time without even thinking about it.

If you’ve never written out your testimony, I’d like to encourage you to do so.  Every single woman who has spoken has remarked about how glad they were to be given this opportunity to reflect and to receive a reminder from God about how He works.  One woman admitted to being in a spiritual slump until she gave her testimony, and how she felt renewed and invigorated emotionally and spiritually by the sharing of her life.

Write yours down and read it.  You will likely receive a tremendous blessing by it.

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