Daniel Fast Update

As you read this, this is day 12 of my 21-day Daniel Fast.  Since it’s over the halfway mark, I thought I’d bring you up-to-date on how it’s going.

For an explanation of the Daniel Fast, see this post.  But, to run down, it’s just fruits, vegetables, and seeds with only water to drink.

The first week was HARD.  I was hungry all the time, and when I ate, it was absolutely unsatisfying.  I longed to feel the way a thick cheeseburger on a whole wheat bun felt in my mouth, for the flavors to mingle all sloppily together, to feel that full feeling washed down with a glass of unsweetened tea.  Beans and salads and apples just didn’t cut it.  I dreamed of eating big platters of Family Favorite Steak & Gravy.  I had a headache almost daily.  And baking dark chocolate chip cookies for Kaylee’s school trip was almost my undoing.  I could not fathom two more days of it, much less two more weeks.

But, strangely, on day 7, that completely changed. I was awake for nearly an hour before I remembered to eat something.  A handful of nuts completely satisfied an afternoon snack craving.  The wrap I ate tonight at Chick Fil A with no meat and no cheese was completely satisfying.  The headaches are gone, my mood has lifted, and I’m excited that I’m halfway through.

Gregg said that my body quit sending out signals for protein, had shed its toxins, and was now efficiently processing the protein and nutrients that I’ve been ingesting in the form of vegetables and beans.

Don’t get me wrong.  A vegan lifestyle is not in front of me.  I have a feeling that 10 days from now I’ll be breaking my fast with a big fat cheeseburger, but I do believe that I’ll be fine getting to the end of this fast, and that God will be working great things in my life with it.


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