Creation: Darwinian Evolutionary Frauds Pt. VI


A Sunday guest post by my brilliant husband, Gregg.

Every Sunday, my clever husband offers me a “day of rest” by writing posts, usually on the subject of his primary ministry. I pray this post touches you or speaks to you in some special way.

Neanderthal Cavemen

In 1856, workers blasted a cave near Düsseldorf, Germany in the Neander Valley, a valley  named after Joachim Neander (1650-1680).  As an aside, Joachim was a 17th century theologian and hymnist who composed such hymns as Almighty God, Creator of Heaven, Sea, and Sky.

Creation: Human Neanderthal Skeletons
"Neanderthal" and "Human" have the same number of bones in identical arrangements

Inside they found limb bones, pelvis, ribs, and a skull cap. In the years that followed, these bones were examined by both scientists and Darwinists; and, for a number of years, all agreed that these were just normal human beings. Even that ardent defender of Charles Darwin himself, Thomas H. Huxley, the man described as Darwin’s “bulldog,” said that they “obviously” belonged to people and did not prove evolution. Rudolph Virchow, renowned German anatomist, said the bones were those of modern men afflicted with rickets and arthritis.

In 1886, two similar skulls were found at Spy, Belgium. In the early 1900s, a number of similar specimens were found in southern France. Over a hundred specimens are in collections today. A French paleontologist named Marcellin Boule said they must have come from apelike creatures, but he was severely criticized for this even by other Darwinists who said this fossil was just modern man (Homo sapiens), deformed by arthritis.

In 1908 a typical “Neanderthal” skeleton was unearthed in Poland. It had been buried in a full suit of chainmail armor that was not yet even fully rusted (“Neanderthal in Armour,” in *Nature, April 23, 1908, p. 587).

Creation: Human Neanderthal Models
Which "Artist Impression" is more accurate?

A “Neanderthal” skeleton was found in the Philippine Islands in 1910. Due to the extreme moisture of that site, it would be absolutely impossible for the skeleton to be even as much as one century old (“Living Neanderthal Man,” in *Nature, December 8, 1910, p. 176).

Two “Neanderthal” skulls were found in Santa Barbara, California in 1923. Researchers recognized that they were simply modern Native American Indian skulls.

Virchow noted that the thighbone (femur) was curved, a condition common to rickets. Lack of Vitamin D causes osteomalacia and rickets, producing a subtle facial change by increasing the size of the eye cavity (orbit), especially vertically. In 1973, D.J.M. Wright showed that congenital syphilis could have caused some of the other kinds of bone deformities found in other Neanderthal specimens.

52388: Buried Alive: The True Story of Neanderthal Man
Buried Alive: The True Story of Neanderthal Man

They may also have lived longer than men do today. Facial bones keep growing throughout life. In his book, Buried Alive, by Jack Cuozzo, it is demonstrated that Neanderthals may have lived to be more than a hundred years old.  This could account for the pronounced eyebrow ridges in some of the skulls.

Cuozzo also demonstrated that Darwinists had intentionally mismatched the alignment of the upper and lower jaw in many specimens, apparently in order to make the Neanderthals look more apelike. With the alignment often depicted, the lower jaw would not have functioned. Not very scientific, is it?  With the proper alignment at the TMJ, the jawline is clearly– and fully — human.

As for citing Neanderthal as a transitional form between ape and man? The fact is that so called “Neanderthals” were 100% human beings, as human as you or I, who happened to have various perfectly explainable health conditions. Painting them as half-man/half-apes, or a “separately evolved” race of hominids is simply unsubstantiated, misleading, and fraudulent.

Creation: Charles Darwin 1816 Creation: Charles Darwin-age 31 Creation: Charles Darwin-age 58
As Charles Darwin demonstrates, the human brow ridge continues to grow throughout one’s entire natural life.  In a very old human, the brow ridge is very prominent, just as with a “Neanderthal” skull.
Creation: Charles Darwin-age 46 Creation: Charles Darwin-age 51 Creation: Charles Darwin-age 64

The neo-darwinist fairytale includes the religious belief that “Neanderthal” and “Cro-Magnon” evolved separately as two distinct forms of “hominids” and that the Cro-Mags wiped the Neanderthals out of existence.  Even interpreting the evidence with a strongly Darwinist worldview, this religious belief is based on a ton of assumptions.

Intentionally mismatching the alignment of jawbones? Covering up the fact that “cavemen” wore chainmail? Fudging the age of bones found in wetlands by hundreds of thousands of years? What can any reasonable human being call that kind of activity?

Simply put — FRAUD.

Coming Soon

Ahead, more monkey business in Darwinian evolutionary history. In the weeks to come, I will review the cases of Piltdown Man, Rhodesian Man, Taung African Man, Peking Man, Nutcracker Man, Skull 1470, Flipperpithecus, Orce Man, and Lucy the magic Australopithecine.

The Truth

Creationism is a belief system which postulates that the universe, Earth, and life on Earth were deliberately created by an intelligent being, namely God. My personal position has a deep rooted foundation in scripture found in the Bible, God’s holy word, which is relied upon for insights regarding the history of the world by secularists and believers alike. It is my belief that natural laws and chance alone are not adequate to explain all natural phenomena, up to and including the existence of intelligent life itself. This is a belief that is shared by many rational scientists.

Any reasonable observer cannot think this is merely a dogmatic belief on my part, nor one that is outside the boundaries of logic or reason, given that the authority of scripture is a fundamental assumption. And, based upon my beliefs — beliefs that are shared by many others — I have reached a few conclusions about truth.

The truth is that we are all created from one blood, all nations of men. We were placed here not as a mathematically impossible random act, but as an act of will by a supreme being. We serve a purpose. We are not animals. Our ancestors were not animals. As the Psalmist said, we are one step below Elohim. Created beings possessing of minds and emotions and eternal spirits.

Believers need to understand that much of what is recognized as “science” today is “falsely so-called” and amounts to assumptions based on misleading lies, outright frauds, or unworthy (godless) assumptions. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 1:7). It would be wise to take the advice Paul offered to Timothy and “…keep that which is committed to thy trust [see Timothy 6:14], avoiding profane and vain babblings, and the oppositions of science falsely so called: which some professing have erred concerning the faith” (1 Timothy 6:20–21, KJV).

If Darwinists were so obviously right, why all the Pious Fraud? Why ANY fraud at all? Why not let indisputable facts lead to unavoidable conclusions in a chain of logical evidence? Why add lies, misdirection, obfuscation, mendacity, fabrication, and fraud to the argument? Why is that necessary? What is the meaning of that? What do you suppose the intent, is?

God Bless you and yours.


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