IV’s, Buckle Fractures, & Vacation

Hi from Florida.

Jeb napped while Scott played in the swimming pool today.  We didn’t think it was a big deal.  We’re at a friend’s house in Florida who has a pool in her backyard and later in the week we’ll be in a hotel in Birmingham that also has a pool.  We thought there would be plenty of time for swimming.

Apparently, that’s not the case.

A buckle fracture is a very common fracture in children, according to the literature from the hospital.  Because of their softer bones, one side of their bone might buckle without any break in the other side.  It’s also called a torus, green stick, or incomplete fracture.

Poor Jeb was in such pain that they gave him an IV and a shot of Morphine.  That eased the pain enough to allow him to play cars with Scott.  There’s hardly anything worse than holding down your 2-year-old while two strangers put an IV in him.  I know.  I’ve had to do it to all three of my kids right around that age.

We don’t even know what happened.  He was climbing onto a large sectional couch, and when he got on the couch, he started screaming and holding his arm.  The couch was empty and no one was around him.  It’s a mystery to which we’ll never have the answer.

Even on the Morphine, he cried as they put the splint on his arm.

Vacation Day 1.

I guess the swimming trunks will stay in the suitcase.

And he’s going to need to learn how to hold a fork with his right hand.

Poor baby.


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