Tip: Adjustable Measuring Cup

I have a very dear friend named Nicki.  One weekend, while we were visiting them, she made pancakes.  She pulled out an adjustable measuring cup and measured everything with it – wet and dry ingredients.  I was dully impressed.  Then I forgot all about it.  A year or two later, I was at a kitchen products party and saw one and promptly purchased it, trying to figure out just how I planned to explain to my husband why I spent $10 on a measuring cup when I had a drawer full of plastic ones, stainless steel ones, and glass liquid ones in all different shapes and sizes.

But then he saw the magic that is my adjustable measuring cup.

You open the cup to the measurement you want — this is 1/2 cup honey.

Then you push the plunger to push the ingredients out.

If you’ve ever measured honey before, or shortening, or butter, or peanut butter, or anything sticky you know that it’s a mess to measure, scrape out, and make sure you got it all.  This has a rubber base thing that pushes the ingredients out and scrapes the side of the cup so that it all gets into your recipe.

Mess free honey measuring.

It’s a beautiful thing.


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