Creation: Paradigm Shift -or- The Death of a Nimrod

s42875ca107509_9A guest post today from my awesome husband, Gregg.

Five years ago, if you had asked me how old the universe is, I would have answered you with the absolute certainty that comes with deep and unshakable faith that the universe is at least 15 billion years old and the earth itself is probably around 4.2 to 5 billion years old.

I would have explained how Monsignor Georges Lemaître mathematically “proved” that the universe began when, in a frictionless void, absolutely nothing exploded in a Big Bang which created everything.

Then all of the nothing particles of that explosion, instead of continuing to move as Isaac Newton would have it with his inconvenient Laws of Motion, “decided” to start swirling into massive gas clouds that eventually, instead of following the inconvenient Second Law of Thermodynamics, organized and formed stars and clusters and entire galaxies.

These newborn stars fused and fused the lighter chemicals — elements such as hydrogen and helium — into all of the heavier elements in the universe, such as Uranium, instead of fusing up to iron and stopping.

I might have gone on to discuss the millions of years of rains on the newly cooled earth and the “primordial ooze” and how some “unknown event” influenced by a yet undefined “evolutionary force” created the first “spark of life” which became the common ancestor for all life on earth.

Face of DarwinismI might have mentioned transitional forms between apes and men like Java Man, Neanderthal Man, Nebraska Man, Piltdown Man, Orce Man, and even dear old Lucy.

Yes, I might have laid my hand across my first edition copy of ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES BY MEANS OF NATURAL SELECTION OR THE PRESERVATION OF THE FAVOURED RACES IN THE STRUGGLE FOR LIFE and solemnly sworn on mother nature herself that Darwinism is as much a proven fact as any other fact we know.

But five years ago, something happened. I didn’t “get religion” because I had always believed in God as far as I can remember. I didn’t go crazy, or fall asleep at the wheel, and I assure you that I am fully awake and in control of all of my faculties. What happened is this.

I had recently finished writing two full-length science fiction novels and, as much pride and satisfaction as that fact should have afforded, it felt rather empty. Being SF novels, they are heavily dependant upon science, and I wanted my scientific facts to be as accurate as possible. What I had learned about science over the course of my lifetime ensured that Darwinism had thoroughly inserted itself throughout the plotlines. The stories are powerful, as I intended, but hardly as powerful as I had hoped.

Something was missing. Something was absent. Something was just plain WRONG.

I determined that I wanted the books to reflect more feeling, more spirit, more life, along with what I believed to be “accurate” science. I assumed the only way to do that was to be more honest about my spiritual beliefs when I revised the novels prior to submission. And so I started down the road that so many before me have undertaken in the last 150 years or so. I started down the road of attempting to somehow reconcile the contradictions posed by Darwinism when juxtaposed against my Christian faith.

The problem I encountered was that, as so very many before me had discovered, there is no reconciling the two. The two worldviews are at war.

java manMy research turned up that Java Man was an intentional fraud built on a single skull cap and a femur found 50 feet away while two fully human skulls were hidden for decades. Neanderthals were fully human, just humans with rickets and/or arthritis. Nebraska Man and his wife and kids were “scientifically reconstructed” from a single tooth that turned out to be — a pig tooth. Piltdown Man, in the textbooks when I was in high school for over 40 years, was an intentional fraud built on an orangutan jawbone and a human skull cap filed down to fit and stained with acid to add an appearance of great age. Orce Man was an intentional fraud built on a donkey skull.

Even dear old Lucy turned out to be just 40 percent of a 3 foot chimpanzee skeleton whose famous knee joint that allegedly proved bipedalism was found a mile and a half away and 200 feet lower in the strata with no hand or foot bones present. Just how fast was the train going that hit Lucy all those years ago?

Were there NO transitional forms between man and ape? It turns out, that, no, there are not.

I had to ask, why all the fraud? Why all the deception? Why all the lies? Hadn’t Darwinism already proven that man had “evolved” from apes? Why the need to mislead on such a massive scale? Surely, just because no transitional forms exist between ape and men, how about between, say, a rock or a puddle of ooze and an ape? That took billions of years, right? Surely, there were transitional fish-lizards and frog-chimps or something.

Nope. There are absolutely none of those either.

I dug deeper. I don’t like being decieved. I don’t like being made a fool. I wanted facts. I discarded interpretation after endless interpretation and dug for any and all facts. I quickly discarded the rationalization of punctuated equilibrium. After all, unguided natural processes are, by definition, unguided.

I discovered that there are 6 types of “evolution” and these are Cosmic evolution, Chemical evolution, Stellar evolution, Abiogenesis (Life from non-life or spontaneous generation), Macro-evolution, and Micro-evolution. And I discovered that the first five have nothing whatsoever to do with actual science. The first five are deeply held religious beliefs.

micro-macroOnly Micro-evolution, the last in the list, has ever been shown to occur. That is, when Hallee and I had kids, they were each half me and half her, and fully human. When dogs have puppies, they are all dogs that inherit traits from their parents. When corn pollinates, it makes slightly different corn.

Macro-evolution: No life form has ever been shown to “evolve” into an altogether different life form. Bananas do not “evolve” into corn, much less birds . Birds lay eggs and birds hatch from them, not dogs. And despite some really fantastic and imaginative artwork, apes never “evolve” into beings with opposable thumbs.

Abiogenesis: No inorganic substance has ever been shown to “evolve” into any living substance. The best they can do is make a vat of tars (leftward amino acids) and/or poisons like cyanide and formaldehyde they label as “organic matter.”

Stellar evolution: In all of recorded history, exactly ONE new star has ever been recorded to have appeared in the heavens, and that happened just over 2000 years ago. We have seen hundreds of stars self-destruct, but other than that single, rather notable exception, we have never witnessed steller evolution or stars being born.

Chemical evolution: No matter how you shake it or bake it, you cannot fuse past iron. There is no way hydrogen or helium can “evolve” into denser elements, certainly not Uranium.

Cosmic evolution: It has never been shown that “nothing” can explode, or that the fragments of the exploded nothing can defy the Laws of Motion, or that the Second Law of Thermodynamics can be put on hold long enough for chaos to organize itself, or that anything in nature has the ability to plan ahead and forecast so that it can set and attain goals by fine tuning the laws of the universe to the 1040 degree.

I started to look at it from the perspective of reason. I considered myself reasonable. How had I been so completely convinced of the numerous fallacies of Darwinism that fly in the face of simple reason? I broke down the premises of the Darwinian arguments and applied reason.

This is the evolutionary formula for evolving a universe:

Nothing + nothing + random chance = two elements + time + random chance = 92 natural elements + time + random chance = all physical laws + time + random chance = a completely structured universe of galaxies, systems, stars, planets, and moons orbiting in perfect balance and order.

This is the evolutionary formula for making life:

Dirt + water + time + random chance = living creatures.

Put in those simple terms, the entire notion is, frankly, idiotic.

It occurred to me that when otherwise intelligent people intentionally ignore facts, put faith in frauds, repeat lies as gospel truth, and suspend logic and reason, that they are not motivated by something as noble as a sense of curiosity in the endless search for knowledge. They are operating under a different modis entirely, and that is an AGENDA.

So what is the agenda? Is this a conspiracy? Are we supposed to be on the lookout for black helicopters here? I will spare you the details, but what I discovered is much more shocking than even that.

OtaBengaI discovered that Darwinism is a full blown religion all on its own, a cult actually, with dogma, holy writ, a papacy, doctrines, jargon, and thousands upon thousands of fanatical followers who are on lifelong crusades to convert unbelievers to join the cult of secular humanism by means of the mantra of methodological naturalism — by force if necessary. Acolytes will lie, cheat, smear, lie about lying, steal, censor, manipulate data, call the truth lies, perpetrate intentional fraud, lie some more, and in the not so distant past have even kidnapped* and committed murder** to perpetuate their chosen religion.

Does that sound extreme? Believe it or not, I am not exaggerating. Darwinism is a godless religion based on racism, chaos, and no kidding, death. It is the perfect religious choice of the atheist humanist anarchist who doesn’t flinch at the murder of the unborn or the infirm as they would be “drains on society”.

When confronted with these truths, I dug deeper still. I read books that opened my eyes to entirely new truths. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. I disciplined my mind to think critically in all cases. I studied the evidence. I unearthed fallacy after fraud after fakery. I waded through literally tons of ad hominem attacks and decades old mantras that constantly begged the question.

The more I studied, the more I read, the more I learned, the more I discovered that science, REAL SCIENCE, science based on truth, reason, integrity, logic, observation, common sense…science that left agendas and presuppositions behind in the name of knowledge, THAT science, the science that in my heart of hearts I passionately love, refuted every single point stipulated by the cult of Darwinism.

Mostly, I learned that I had been wrong. I had missed the mark for decades.

I had (avert your eyes) sinned. I had committed the sin of Nimrod, and others before me, and my tower had just been shattered and my foolish notions had just been scattered to the four corners. So I got down on my hands and knees and I repented of that very real sin. The most important lesson I learned, dear reader, is that I can trust these words as the Inerrant, Infallible, Verbally and Verifiably Inspired Word of God:

starsGEN 1:1 In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth.

And I can trust every single word that follows, from cover to cover. I made a commitment that I will never again assume that my wisdom or the wisdom of any fallible man is even slightly greater than that of his Creator.

Perhaps your aren’t as thoroughly convicted as I. I can relate. It took me nearly five years to shake off the lifetime of lies that had been piled onto my mind.

In future posts, I will note facts that lead me back to embracing the truth of Creation and the truth of His word. I pray that my words touch and bless you in a mighty way. Gregg

Resources:  Additional Posts dealing with Creation and Darwinism

* Ota Benga, a pigmy tribesman, was kidnapped, labeled a “missing link” and displayed at the World’s Fair where some of his companions were beheaded and dissected. He was later sold as a living exhibit to the Bronx Zoo where he shared a cage with an orangutan. He eventually took his own life.


** Australian Aboriginals were slaughtered by the thousands as “lower forms of life” in the early days of Australia’s Industrial revolution. Influenced by both Neitche and Malthus, Hilter’s final solution that led to the ruthless extermination of millions of Jews was based on the Darwinian belief that Jews were a subhuman species unlike the superior (e.g.: “Favoured”) Arian Race.

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