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Creation: Darwinian Evolutionary Frauds Pt. XVII

FACT 1: Countless very specific and accurate scientific facts do not reflect Darwinian interpretations.
FACT 2: Countless very specific and accurate points of logic do not reflect Darwinian interpretations.
FACT 3: Many Darwinian interpretations do not agree with many other Darwinian interpretations and are often contradictory or in conflict.
FACT 4: Darwinists resort to threats, ridicule, legal maneuverings, fraud, and excommunication to counter arguments against Darwinism.
CONCLUSION: Darwinists practice censorship to avoid debate that would reveal their theories to be scientifically baseless and logically fallacious.

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Sunday Post: Personal Thoughts

I will try my very best to find time in the coming week to present more scientific evidence that supports the Biblical view of creation next Sunday. This Sunday, I will write a more personal post concerning some personal thoughts and observations that have been on my heart in recent days.


Creation: Abiogenesis Part IV

While not being very scientific, panspermia is a great example of a “god of the gaps” fallacy and a great example of the religious foolishness Darwinists preach and teach in the name of the secular humanist religion. Perhaps textbooks should come with the following warning, “Abandon all logic ye who enter into Darwinism.”

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