Love Life for Every Married Couple author Dr. Ed Wheat, provided an acronym to describe his method of strengthening and/or improving a married relationship.


B is for blessing. The word comes from the Greek word eulogia which means “to speak well of.” Blessing our spouse basically means to speak well of, which is the opposite of criticizing. We should compliment our spouses and encourage them, and in turn also thank them for what they do for us. We also should speak well of them to other people. And most important, to pray for them

E is for edifying, which means “to build up”. We need to build each other up, support each other. On a personal note, I have found that I am extremely lacking in any kind of confidence about any endeavor, but my husband’s love and support give me a self-confidence that surprises me most of the time. By edifying our spouse, we beat back possible feelings of inadequacy or inability.

S is for sharing. Genesis says that the husband and wife will become “one flesh”. God intended that to be a oneness of mind, body, and spirit. Husbands and wives should make an effort to spend time together, develop similar hobbies or interests, share thoughts and feelings, work together toward goals and objectives.

T is for touching. God said a man should “cleave unto his wife…” The term cleave comes from the concept of gluing two pieces of wood together. “..and they shall become one.” A couple need to cleave in order to become one. The touching here doesn’t only mean sexual touching – as important as that is. It means non-sexual caressing, hugging, hand-holding, kissing, general touching that provides a feeling of warmth, reassurance, and affection. Husbands and wives crave the kind of touching that just signals that you love them, that you’re one with them, that the relationship is exclusive.


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