5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter

5 Conversations You Must Have With Your DaughterOn my current reading list is the book 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter by Vicki Courtney. (Visit the author’s amazing blog here.)

My husband, Gregg, bought this book while working out of town. He read it and the statistics in it opened his eyes to a lot of things we need to be concerned about in modern culture. As soon as he was finished, he called me and said, “I have this book. You must read it. You must read it with Kaylee.” He brought it home and about once a month he asks me if I’ve finished reading it yet.

I thought I’d start a series on the topics found within that book, but then determined that the information is so compact, so comprehensive, that my blog posts would be as long as her chapters. It’s not as simple as the seven virtues of a Godly wife and mother. This is a weapon in the war that we’re waging against the world.

Just to give you an idea of some of the statistics the book faces, I’ll share this:

Conversation no. 1 is titled “You Are More Than the Sum of Your Parts” In it, we learn that:

  • by the time a girl turns 12, she’s been exposed to 77,546 commercials.
  • 58% of girls describe themselves in negative terms including disgusting and ugly.
  • 60% of women believe that society expects them to enhance their physical attractiveness.
  • The average woman is 5 feet 3.8 inches and 163 pounds. Only 8% of women have an hourglass figure, 46% of women have a rectangular shape, 21% are spoon shaped, and 14% are shaped like an inverted triangle. However, the garment industry assumes the hourglass figure to be the dominate shape, which leaves 92% of women struggling to find clothes that fit, making most of them feel that something is wrong with their body.

And that only takes me to page 18.

heart My daughter is wonderful, and smart, and amazing. Her heart is so big that I’m amazed you can’t see it beating out of her chest. She is deeply spritual, loves the Lord, loves Christian music, loves her youth group. But, she’s a child of this world. She reads Teen Vogue and changes clothes six times a day and stresses over the color of lipgloss she’s wearing. And she’s 12.

Children are on such a rapid maturing schedule in this society that it’s scary. She has friends whose boyfriends are already pushing for sex, and they’re 12! She has friends who feel like they’re overweight and they cut themselves regularly. She has friends who stick their fingers down their throats and throw up every meal so that they can stay in those size 0’s.

Right now, Kaylee is still communicating things like this with me, but there’s going to come a day when that will end and she’ll be communicating things like this with her friends, working problems out with her friends. She will need to have the base that we’re providing her with God, love, open communication, and the compilation of information like what is found in this book to make her way through those precarious teen years.

If you have a daughter, I strongly urge you to get this book, read this book, read this book WITH your daughter. She needs this information and she needs to know what she’s facing in the world.


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