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The Garden: Week 10

I cannot believe that 9 weeks have passed since I did a garden update!

I have been so busy with book releases and writing that gardening got put off to just now. Since we’re on vacation next week, I needed to just stop everything this week and get the garden planted.

We have a plot at our church. This is the first time we’ve done that, and I’m LOVING the size of my plot!

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Organic Palm Shortening

I’m out so I went on their site last night to order a gallon. I discovered that until Sunday, May 13th, a gallon of palm shortening is just $23.59.

This is seriously too good of a deal not to take advantage.


Evolution of a Real Food “Quick & Easy” Recipe

I’d roasted a turkey on Monday. A few days later, I was up to my eyeballs in edits for my current novel and lost track of time. I was trying to come up with something “quick and easy” for dinner. The problem with that is that I don’t have anything pre-prepared. So, anything I made would need to be MADE. I don’t even think I had any bread so that I could make something like open faced sandwiches.

Then I remembered that there was some Bisquick recipe my mom used to make.

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Finding Balance

I started typing the words, “I’m a homemaker…” when I realized that wasn’t right. Well, it IS right, it just isn’t complete. For the first time in my life, I wrote the words, “I’m a full time writer who manages two blogs and writes Christian romance novels.”


Smooth & Creamy French Vanilla Bean Honey Ice Cream

My grandfather had an ice cream maker that sat in a wooden tub and churned out the most amazing tasting, sweet and creamy concoction ever known to man’s mouth. We would wait and wait for summer time, then beg him constantly to make some ice cream. I have been on a search for a recipe like his ever since I got my first ice cream maker. This one comes mighty close. Just a few ingredients – I used honey instead of sugar – and you’ll have “the” ice cream that your kids and grand kids will beg you to make.

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