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Menu Monday! 27 JAN 14

It has been an entire year since my last Menu Monday! Wow!

It is CRAZY how much easier life goes when I make a menu for the week. And, honestly, when I’ve not been putting it up on this blog, I’ve not been really creating one at home, either…


Menu Monday 18 JUN 12 — Daniel Fast Week 2

Here’s the menu for my family for the week of June 18th.

Gregg and I have felt the need to fast for several weeks now, but we were crazy around here with the end of school and getting books released. So, we’re starting the fast last week. The reason for the timing is this: this is seriously the only chunk of summer that isn’t rife with military training for the national guard or summer camps, etc., for our ministries. If we were going to fast this summer, it has to start now.

We are doing Daniel Fast. My blog post about that can be found here, but basically, it’s vegan extreme – and I’m throwing in my own personal restriction to unleavened bread only. Last week, Gregg did a juice fast during the day and ate vegan soups in the evening. This week he’s in line with me on a regular Daniel Fast.

On Saturday, we are having the boys’ birthday party. My parents and my sister and her family will be in town. I haven’t really felt tempted by food this fast, but we’ll see how I do with full meal preparations, homemade ice cream, and birthday cake!

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Menu Monday 03 May 2010 – Mother’s Day Week, Amigos!

Here’s the menu for my family for the week of Monday, May 3rd. This week is Cinco de Mayo AND Mother’s Day! So, this is going to be a fun week for cooking. I love making menus for special occasions. I will be spending Mother’s Day weekend at my parents’ so I won’t have control over the menu there, but I do plan on bringing my mom a cheesecake (I haven’t decided what kind yet, so you may be getting an new cheesecake recipe headed your way soon!). For Cinco de Mayo, I’m going to make a Tres Leches cake . On top of that, I received an email from my husband asking for “cookies, lots of cookies.” Apparently, homemade cookies are a big hit at his office, and everyone waits around for him to get a new box from home.

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