A Week at Home — ALONE

jumpYou heard me. I had an entire week — AT HOME — ALONE.

How many wives and mothers of young children long to be able to say something like that?

Kaylee is in Florida for the month and this is a very busy travel time for Gregg and me. He’s doing a National Guard thing east, I had a conference west, so on his way to his thing, Gregg dropped the boys off at my parents’ house. He left on a Saturday, and I didn’t have to be at my conference until Thursday night.

I’ll admit, right or wrong, I was a little excited.

I’m used to being alone during the school day. Regardless, I kept listening for the sound of anyone else moving in the house. In my entire life, I don’t think I’ve ever been alone for that long. It was kind of a weird experience over all.

I’d planned to write the remaining 3 novellas in my upcoming World War II series during the week. I know, you’re thinking, “Three novellas???” But, I had NO ONE who needed ANYTHING AT ALL from me for about five full days. I type fast. The story is in my head. I could write uninterrupted for five full days!

I didn’t happen.

I only wrote one novella.

I was talking to Liz Curtis Higgs yesterday about it, and she said, “20,000 words in a week!? That’s fantastic! You go girl!”

It made me feel a little better.

I think my creative energy is available for the same amount of time every day, then it’s just gone. I feel a little disappointed in myself; however, I’ve done a TON of research, and that will be necessary information when I do write the other two novellas during the next couple of weeks.

So, during the course of this week alone, I learned a few things:

  • Without planning and preparation, a household without convenience foods makes it hard to feed one person. I ate more than one omelet, let me tell you.
  • I can go entire days without any noise at all – no television on, no person speaking to me, no radio. I’m not really a “talk to my pets” kind of person – I don’t talk for no reason. I kind of want to have something to say if I’m going to speak, and a conversation with my dog or cat just isn’t happening.
  • For a wife and mother of three who adores her husband and children, I never felt lonely during this week. I’m hoping it was just the realization that I knew what day I’d see everyone again and not that I’m über weird or something.
  • I washed all of the bedding and did every single bit of laundry in the house. The only thing in any laundry basket left are the pajamas I wore on my last day there. It felt WONDERFUL to throw away the mis-matched socks left in the basket. I HATE mis-matched socks, I HATE that basket, and after typing this, now I know I’m über weird.
  • No matter what, with no alarm on, I still woke up every single morning at 5:25. Sigh.

All in all, it was an interesting week. I finish my conference this afternoon and head to my parents to get my boys. Tomorrow we’ll head on to where Gregg is. I’m hoping to see Kaylee by the end of the week.



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