Month: May 2014

10,000 Toddlers on Ritalin??

I came across an article this weekend that suggested that nearly 10,000 toddlers are on medication for ADHD.


Here is the quote from the article in the New York Times:


Today’s Word of Promise

Almost certainly, whenever we explain our choice to follow a Biblical diet, someone brings up Peter’s vision. However, this vision has nothing to do with food. In fact, Peter himself knew that. While he was having this vision, Cornelius, a centurion of what was called the Italian regiment, had a delegation on their way to where Peter was staying. These were not Jews, and it was unlawful for a Jew to “keep company with” someone who was not Jewish. However, these men explained that an angel of the Lord told Cornelius to send for Peter. So, he put the men up for the night, and the next day went with them to see Cornelius.


2500 Fans Giveaway

We reached 2500 likes on this page! I didn’t realize it – I was out of town last week. So, let’s celebrate. Let’s do a giveaway. “like” this post and leave a comment. That allows more people to see it through Facebook’s stupid filters.

One person who BOTH comments and likes will win an autographed set of my cookbooks – Fifty Shades of Gravy, The Walking Bread, and Iron Skillet Man.

Three people will win a single autographed cookbook of your choice.

25 people will win ebook of your choice.


Is School Over Yet?

That is, until this week.


I don’t know if he has spring fever or what. I just know that this week has been horrible – he punched a boy (who was bullying him) in the eye- twice because the kid punched him back and then it was ON, he was removed from the classroom twice, he’s had two full days where he refused to work at all…


Going Vegan: Let Your Medicine Be Your Food

So, the other day, I had a BAD headache. Bad. I spent the day in bed. I also suffered the day with heart palpitations. The next day, my blood pressure was 160/110. That’s WAY.TOO.HIGH. I don’t know if the headache caused the blood pressure or if the blood pressure caused the headache. Either way, that’s too high.


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