Month: March 2014

Battling That Lazy Gene

I looked at my destroyed and messy kitchen and thought, “Leave it. Do it when you get home. Who cares? You’re tired and it’s been a crazy day.”


Why I Removed the Facebook Ap from my Phone

Instead, it took me to a list of things to which, by having the Facebook ap on my phone, Facebook gets unlimited access. And, apparently this is new (I found this article this morning.)

Things like text messages (and it had a disclaimer that said, “Regardless of confidentiality”), my entire address book, my pictures, my GPS location, etc. It also has the ability to prevent my phone from going to sleep, sending text messages on my behalf, and interfering with my calendar.


Today’s Word of Promise

It would be nearly impossible to remark on any one specific thing that stands out to me when I listened to the end of the “Old Testament” with God’s own words and then the beginning of the Gospel According to Matthew, which contains everything from the Sermon on the Mount through the Lord’s Prayer and into Christ’s ministries on earth.


No Garden This Year

I have an extensive travel schedule lined up for this year. It started about two weeks ago, and will continue until the end of October. At one point, there will be an entire month that I’m away from home (although, thankfully it will be summer time so my family will be with me.)

In the past, once the growing season really kicked in, I would spend time in the garden every day, weeding, tending plants, etc. When the harvest started coming in, I’d preserve by drying, freezing, or canning…


Green Eggs

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This morning, my boys asked for green eggs for breakfast. Since we just observed the shared birthday of Dr. Seuss and myself, the whole green egg concept isn’t strange to them.

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Iron Skillet Man; The Stark Truth About Pepper and Pots is NOW AVAILABLE!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a cookbook!

Move over men of steel! Make room mutants, aliens, and chemically or radioactively enhanced rescuers! Prepare to assemble your spatulas and get your “Flame on!” while the heroic Hallee the Homemaker™ (whose secret identity is Christian author and blogger Hallee Bridgeman) swings into action and shows her mettle with her third title in the Hallee’s Galley parody cookbook series.

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A Brief Essay

A brief essay on the 5AM alarm clock, the teenager with late working hours, the two young boys – one of whom is SO reliant on schedules and timing, AND, last but not least, the idea that changing the hands on the clock doesn’t ACTUALLY add or remove the number of hours the sun shines in a day:


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