I’m Usually Frugal — But…

I love coffee.  It’s no secret to anyone who knows me.  I’m the type of person who can drink coffee all day long.  I love the smell, I love the taste, and I love all of the cute coffee decor you can get these days.

In fact, here are a few brief snapshots of my kitchen:

coffee decor 4 coffee decor 2coffee kitchen

This is my favorite spot in my kitchen:

coffee decor

My coffee maker has a built-in bean grinder.  I load the top with beans, it grinds them, spits them into the basket, and then brews the coffee.  Fresh ground coffee is SO good.


Usually, I buy fair trade whole bean coffee from Sam’s club.  A 2.5 pound bag is about $15.  But, Sam’s club is 20 miles away, and a couple of weeks ago, somehow, I ran out of coffee.  It’s rare for me to run out of staples like that, because I’m pretty organized as far as my pantry goes, and I almost always know how much of what I have.

So, I ran up to our local Kroger and bought a bag of Simple Truth organic whole bean.  It was on sale for $7 for 12 ounces.

simple truth coffee

The next morning, I made coffee while making lunches for the kids, grabbed my to-go cup, and headed out the door.  The coffee was SO GOOD.  I thought maybe I just needed coffee that morning.  The next day, I had my first cup and a much more leisurely pace and again, it was amazing.  That night, when Gregg and I were cleaning the kitchen, as Gregg took apart the coffee machine to wash the grinder and basket, he said something about how good the coffee had been for the last couple of days.

Every morning I used that little 12-ounce bag of coffee, I enjoyed every cup from it.  I dropped Kaylee off at an event one time and filled my coffee cup up there with Maxwell House and ended up dumping it out after the first taste because it just didn’t taste good after my coffee.

So, it was getting low.  I thought about going to Sam’s and getting a new bag of the 2.5 pounder, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I couldn’t go back — and that was good coffee.  Despite paying almost double for the coffee from Simple Truth, despite the frugal nature of my personality, and despite how good the Sam’s club coffee was compared to just off the shelf other brands, I went ahead and stocked up on the Simple Truth while it was on sale.  Once the sale ends, and I have to pay regular price, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to bring myself to pay that much for coffee, but, man, I’m enjoying this while I have it!


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