Homemade Presents Are the Best

Last week was my 40th birthday.  Among the thoughtful and wonderful gifts I received, two really stand out as “favorites.”

I love coffee.  A friend recently said to me, “I know you’re a coffee snob, so…”  It made me laugh.  My kitchen is decorated in coffee.  My friend, Amy, of Amy Smith Creations, made me this amazing quilted table topper for my kitchen table.

I love the quilting on it.

Amy is so talented.  I love having her in my life because I get to see what she’s creating and the final products.  I wish I was half as talented as her.  Look at how perfectly it matches my kitchen.

And then there’s this:

If you aren’t a Doctor Who fan, you have know idea how wonderful and amazing this gift Gregg had made for me is.

Our friend Debi Warford, who is designing my book covers, is as big of a fan as I am.  She covets my Doctor Who theme song ring tone on my phone, I covet her ability to create a T.A.R.D.I.S. out of clay.

She even managed to make a sign on the door.

And look at the inside.  Brilliant.

I’d originally thought to use it as a cookie jar, but my children will not be allowed near it.  Instead, I’ll likely use it to store tea bags.  Because it’s Doctor Who.  :-)



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