Smarties Airplanes

When I asked Scott what kind of Valentine he wanted for his class party this year, he said he wanted to make a Valentine.  I was so happy about that, because I’m all about homemade when I can.

Because I’m making Valentine’s for boys, and not girls, I had a bit of a challenge.  So many of the crafts are very feminine – and that just wouldn’t be as much fun for them.  I settled on a Smartie Airplane.

smarties plane 1

It’s SO easy.

You need thin rubber bands (I actually used hair bands because I liked the bright colors – they were perfect — but I thought about it after taking pictures, in which I used an actual rubber band), silver crochet thread, Smarties candies, Lifesaver candies (not gummies), and a stick of gum.

silver crochet threadsupplies

Tie the end of each smartie with some crochet thread in a simple bow.  This is the “propeller” of the plane.

tie thread in bow thread in bow

Put the rubber band through the center of two Lifesavers.

gum through savers

Take each end of the rubber band and secure the stick of gum.

gum through band

Slide the Smartie into the Rubber band, under the gum but over the Lifesavers.

smarties plane 3

Straighten the gum and place the Lifesavers so that they look like the “wheels” of the plane.  Don’t center the gum on the Smartie — slide it so that the “tail” is down and the “propeller” is up.

smarties plane 2

Glue to a cut-out heart to make it a Valentine.  Otherwise, they could be used as birthday favors or just a fun treat for your kids.



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