A Bad Habit Revealed

I have a bad habit.

I have a tendency to leave cleaning supplies in my wake.

I’ll clean a room, scrub it down, mop it, vacuum it, make it shine like new.  And when I’m done, on one surface will be a bottle of furniture cleaner, on another a bottle of window cleaner (vinegar & water), and on tossed somewhere will be the rag I used to dust the furniture.

I’ll often go to my cleaning bag and it will be almost empty, and I’ll have to go through the house and gather all of my cleaning supplies.

Couple that with the fact that my boys tend to seek mischief, you’d think I would be more careful.

It’s a good thing, I guess, that I typically clean with non-toxic, usually homemade products.

Take this week for example.  I walked into the bathroom and found Scott standing on his little step stool, painting the bathroom counter with a Q-tip and a baking soda and water paste he’d made from the little bowl of baking soda I’d left in there the last time I cleaned it.


He covered the Q-tip container lid, the counter, my drinking glass, and a good portion of the floor.


He was completely engrossed in what he was doing and I didn’t have the desire at all to stop him.  There isn’t a thing in baking soda, water, and a Q-tip that could hurt him.  Cleaning up the mess he made would just effectively scrub the counters and floor for me anyway.

After taking the opportunity to snap a few photos for you, I cleaned it up.  As I worked, I thought that if this was a product with a poison control label on it, I’d have had a pretty bad afternoon.  As it was, it was a non-issue.

It’s possible, I’m sure you say, that if the product was something other than baking soda I’d probably be more careful about putting it up.  Yeah, you’d probably say that.  I’ll avoid telling you about the time that Scott sprayed himself with Clorox Cleanup, then.  Or the time that Johnathan did the same thing.  ~sigh~



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