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I recently saw a friend on Facebook talk about loading a playlist for a long run, including songs from the 80’s movie The Breakfast Club, some current top 20, and a couple of Christmas songs.  It occurred to me as I read that how weird not “normal” I am.

I love to run.  Since I was a teenager, I have used jogging long distances as a form of exercise.  But, when I first started running, I didn’t have a “new fangled” Walk-Man to use when I ran.  Consequently, I ran with no noise being pumped into earphones.

I never did, until recently.  Last year, Gregg got me an iTouch with a case that straps to my arm, allowing me to wear it and listen to it when I ran.  But, honestly, music bored me.  I couldn’t get into running with it, and I didn’t use it.

While Gregg was home on leave one time, he loaded my iTouch with podcasts of my favorite preachers.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that I LOVE running and listening to a sermon!  My favorite is Alistair Begg – but I’ve listened to all sorts of things from Dave Ramsey episodes to chapters from The Word of Promise Bible — a dramatized audio Bible with sound effects.

I get caught up in listening and forget how far I’ve run or how long I’ve been running.  I look forward to my run every morning with the thought of , “What will I learn while I jog today?”

See? Rather geeky and weird not “normal”.


What’s on your playlist?


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