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It’s a Struggle – One I Seem to be Losing

Ceasing of constant motion coupled with a desire to eat constantly has resulted in exactly in what you would imagine it would result. I don’t have a scale, and I don’t have a full length mirror, so I have no idea how much weight I’ve gained. But, my wedding rings are tight, my clothes are tight, and we spent the weekend in a hotel that had mirrors on it seemed like every wall and I was faced with the very real fact that, even though I walk four miles a day, every single day, six days a week, I have gained a serious amount of weight.

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My Playlist

I recently saw a friend on Facebook talk about loading a playlist for a long run, including songs from the 80’s movie The Breakfast Club, some current top 20, and a couple of Christmas songs. It occurred to me as I read that how weird not “normal” I am.

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