Fireplace Glow

We recently purchased a flat screened television that is mounted above our fireplace.  Because our house is old, and someone who wasn’t a handyman but who thought he was lived here before us (when we take something down or remodel something else, nothing is like it should be — we have literally found a stick of chewing gum help level something), we don’t trust the insulation between the chimney and the wall to protect the television from the heat of the fire.  Consequently, we’ve decided not to use the fireplace until we can really test it out.

That leaves me with a big empty fireplace.

Then I saw this post about how to make a faux fireplace by Ann Marie at Household6Diva.

I am not a great decorating ideas person.  I think you’ve seen enough of my house in pictures to realize that it just simply isn’t my area.  But, I’m great at copying.  So, I saw this post and it got me thinking.  How would candles look in the fireplace?

I am SO PLEASED with how it looks!

It is extremely warm and welcoming.

It just made the whole room cozy and comfortable.

What has inspired you lately?



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