While I’m Gone…

When I finally arrive sometime tomorrow night, this will be the view from my hotel room in Kuwait:

I am spending a week there with my wonderful husband, Gregg.

I thought about what to do for the week.  I could find time to do status updates.  I could just post some pictures as the week goes on.  I could send little tidbits as they occurred to me.  All of those things I could, and may yet, do.  However, in order to plan my week so that it is as worrisome free and as relaxing as possible, I’ve decided to re-run a very early series I did on Feminine Appeal, Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother by Carolyn Mahaney.

I’ve chosen this series for only two reasons: I have a few thousand more readers than I did in September and October 2009 when I originally ran it AND there are seven posts and I’m going to be gone for seven days.

So, if you’re one of my original readers, I love you and you’re getting reruns.  If you’re newer than that, I love you as well and ask that you enjoy and please comment.  I’d love to hear your feedback on this series.

As for me, you may or may not hear from me.  Gregg and I have NEVER been alone for more than a weekend.  We’re getting seven days and six nights.


I’m so grateful for your visit, today.
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