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Blizzard Bloghop

For those of you who read me who are not in the “blogging world”, this weekend is a huge blogging conference called Blissdom. Some of us couldn’t go because an ocean separates them from Nashville, some of us chose not to go because we just met up with our husbands in Kuwait while he took a vacation from Afghanistan last week and we thought the stress of Mommy going away for another whole weekend would be too much for our toddlers, and some of us just couldn’t go.


Giveaway Game: Name That Restaurant

We started off taking these pictures with the intent of having a fun game on Facebook, a way to interact with you while I was in Kuwait. But the more we took, the more we realized that some of these would actually be rather challenging, and decided to make it a giveaway.


While I’m Gone…

I thought about what to do for the week. I could find time to do status updates. I could just post some pictures as the week goes on. I could send little tidbits as they occurred to me. All of those things I could, and may yet, do. However, in order to plan my week so that it is as worrisome free and as relaxing as possible, I’ve decided to re-run a very early series I did on Feminine Appeal, Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother by Carolyn Mahaney.


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