The Forum is Up!

You may or may not have noticed the extra page in the tabs across the top of the blog titled, “Fellowship Forum.”  That page link will take you directly to my forum, “Hallee’s Daily Brew.”

I had casually mentioned on a post or in a  comment regarding the upcoming Bible study, the Power of a Praying Wife, that if the comments section on the blog didn’t suffice, I would ask Gregg to create a forum for us to utilize.  I thought he’d just find some handy plug-in like Blog Frog or something.  I didn’t realize that I was about to cause him a lot of sleepless nights.

My husband doesn’t rest when there is an unsolved problem.  Open ends feed his insomnia.  Once he read that very casual statement by me, it opened a box in his mind that he couldn’t close.

Here is an introduction by him in the FAQ section of the forum:

Hi there. I’m Gregg and I’m Hallee’s husband and number 1 fan.  When she first mentioned that she wanted me to make a forum for her Bible Study, I didn’t let the fact that I had never made a forum and had absolutely no idea how to make one deter me.  She’s my best girl.  Why would I let my complete ignorance hinder her desires, especially as they relate to ministry?

So I learned how and I made this, Hallee’s Daily Brew.  I will probably tweek things around here from time to time, wipe down the counters, clean out the latte filters, but for the most part I won’t disturb you.  If you have some kind of maintenance issue, let me know.  And if you need directions, please ask.  I’m here to help as best I can.

♥ My Darling Gregg, only I know how hard you worked on this, how you had to learn a new scripting language before you could even step into it, how little sleep you’ve gotten over the last couple of weeks in an effort to launch this before our Bible study begins.  I just want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate every single second you spent and will spend on this forum.   And I want to throw in how much I totally love and adore you just in case I haven’t told you in enough ways today.  ♥

When the Bible study begins, the posts will originate here, but comments will be closed and links will go to the Hallee’s Daily Brew forum so that we can have more freedom with longer threads, different subjects, and conversations pertaining to each chapter of the study. But the forum is set up for much more than that.  Look around, my wonderful readers – register and play with the forum.  Start topics, send each other messages, have fun with it. There are several categories in which you can post:

Christian Faith – …Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ Mark 12:30

Workshops & Bible Studies – Discuss ongoing workshops and bible studies
Power of a Praying Wife – Workshop: Author Stormie Omartian’s book chapter by chapter

Fellowship Café: The Daily Grind – Barista Hallee Serves Up Coffee and Conversations

General Conversations
Flavor of the Day – Today’s special topic of conversation

Recipes! Menus! Gadgets! – Modern Day Marthas

Recipes – New, Time Honored, & Recently Modified Recipes
Menu Planning – All things Menu
Homemaker Helpers – Gadgets, Gizmos, Must-Have Appliances

Parenting – Raising Boys & Girls, Teaching Toddlers & Teens

Homeschool & Public School – Teaching Wisdom & Patience in a World of Foolish Now
Raising Boys – Snakes & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails
Raising Girls – Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice
Pregnancy to Toddlerhood – Adventures in Biblical Motherhood
Tweens to Teens – Is it Really Worse than when We were Young?

In Service – Military or Missionary, Servicemember or Spouse

What’s on Your Heart? – Deployment? Mission? Separation?

How Does Your Garden Grow? – Planning, Planting, Tending, Harvesting, Preserving

Talking Dirt

I look forward to this next chapter of the blog and I hope that you take a blessing from it!


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