Fresh Taglines

A lot of you have noticed that since I started blogging in this webspace, the “taglines” up there at the top under the title of the blog change each time you switch pages or refresh your browser.

I’m just wondering how many of you hit refresh just now.  :-)

The first tagline used to be “Loving a Life of Biblical Womanhood” and now is “Home is Where the Maker is.”

Here are all of my current taglines:

  • Home is where the Maker is
  • Beyond SAHM — Serving, Availing, Helping, Ministering
  • Loving a Life of Biblical Womanhood
  • Homemaker – Wife, Mother, Teacher, Biblical Woman
  • Celebrating Biblical Womanhood (with Style)
  • Menus, Recipes, Schedules, Crafts, Creativity, Inspiration
  • The Joy of Biblical Womanhood
  • Beyond SAHM – Wife, Mother, Teacher, Homemaker, Biblical Woman
  • Noble Wife, Joyous Mother, Biblical Woman
  • Coffee before Conversations, Kisses before Band-aids
  • Faith, Hope, Love, Homemaking
  • Selflessly Serving the Whole Home
  • Making a Home is More than Keeping House

Gregg came up with a lot of these and I think it is so funny how the ones he came up with are the ones that always seem to get noticed the most. Honestly, we are one flesh.

Anyway, in the spirit of keeping it fresh, I am open to suggestions.  I am looking to add a few more fresh taglines into the rotation.  Do you have an idea?  Could it be a contender?  Share it in comments and let the world know.  Be clever.  I love clever!


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