You Are an Answer to Prayer

I just want to say that God is awesome and amazing.  I never doubt it, but sometimes it gets highlighted for me.

Both of my boys are sick.  Scott started with croup, then Jeb got an ear infection and bronchitis, and now Scott has an ear infection.  As such, there’s been no sleep for me for several nights in a row.

My schedule is off.  My house isn’t clean to my standards.  I went to bed last night without doing the dishes and it’s only because we had leftover chicken and boxed macaroni and cheese that I’ll have the energy to do the dishes tonight (I am typing this on Wednesday, though it will publish on Thursday).  My dining room table is covered with medical bills that I’ve been sorting, and my coffee table is covered with laundry I’ve been folding.

I have a big workshop this weekend with the Kentucky Romance Writers that I have looked forward to for months.  But, I have to leave the boys Thursday night, Friday night, and all day Saturday.  I don’t leave them often, and it stresses me out to do it because it stresses them out.

So, all in all I’ve been feeling a little discouraged this week.  I’ve only managed to write one chapter on my book instead of the four that I had on my schedule.  I should have completed this book this week, which would have allowed me to start on the next one.  I’m a week behind in my blog posts.  I prefer to have a week’s worth of posts queued and ready to go at a time and right now I have three total posts queued.

Gregg has even felt my burden from across the miles and prayed with me last night, prayed that I would be encouraged and find energy.

And today found me with not one, but three amazing emails in my inbox.

I get regular email from readers, encouraging me or challenging me – and I love them.  But I was REALLY low today.  I’m exhausted and just didn’t even want to turn the laptop on, much less do any work.

So I opened an email in my inbox and read it and it was SO encouraging that I just wanted to reach across cyberspace and hug the sender.  And as I responded to it, another email hit my in box.  This one made me cry.  I was so touched by the positive words and amazing encouragement found within the letter.  And as I hit reply, another letter came into my inbox, this one even more amazing than the previous one.  As I responded to that one, I think my first word in my response was, “Wow.”

I just want to thank you ladies.  I want to thank you for being receptive to God sending out the signal that I just needed to be encouraged today.  I needed to be encouraged, my husband prayed that I would receive encouragement, and YOU were His instrument in providing it.

So thank you.  I love this blog and I love the work that gets poured into it.  It is truly a labor of love, and to receive some love back is a tremendous, encouraging, and uplifting thing.


I’m so grateful for your visit, today.
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