I’ve taken the week off.  I tend to get in a bit of a funk the first week after Gregg is gone, and this week I refused to try to function, which I would end up failing to do and then feel guilty about it, but just kind of gave into it.  I cooked for church Wednesday night – well, I cooked all day Wednesday.  I made fresh pasta, homemade sauce, and cheesecake for 50+ people and loved every minute of it.  Other than that, the boys and I have just kind of hung out.  There’s even a pile of laundry on my bed that I kind of moved over to Gregg’s side of the bed bed last night and all I could think was, “Well, at least I did a load of laundry.”  heh.

Today is my 6-month “Blog-iversary”!  I’m excited about that for two reasons: I love blogging and I still love blogging.  I’m happy that I still am so full of ideas about what to blog that if I had the time today I could pop out 6 more months of posts.  That is very cool to me and I feel like I’m crossing a threshold.  Every time I get an email from a reader or hear of someone recommending my blog, it touches me so deeply.  I love that God led me to this ministry and look forward to whatever He has in mind for us next!

Some blog-specific stuff:

I moved My  Testimony from the posts and made it its own page.

During my day off, one of the things I did was rework My Schedule.  I finally got it all straight and updated the schedule pages.

I’ve added another page up top called Our Diet.  This explains what we don’t eat in more detail.

Don’t forget the Prayer Requests page that’s up there.  If you have a private request, you can either leave it anonymously, or email it to me and I can put it up there.  There is no more a powerful force than prayer.

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for your comments and your feedback.  I appreciate it more than you know.  If there’s something you want to see here in the next 6 months, please, let me know!


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