Blizzard Bloghop Tour: Pick Up Six

The Blizzard BlogHop Tour

Welcome to the Blissdom Blizzard Bloghop short tour, tour six.  Goodness, I’ve been busy.  I cooked for the church Wednesday night, then cooked for the Valentine’s banquet on Friday night for over 150 guests.  Then I rushed down to Knoxville to babysit for my dear friend, Jen, so she and her husband could have some married time on Valentines weekend and for their 10-year anniversary.  Saturday, I spent the day with 5 boys, and last night at church I had 4 boys in the toddler nursery.  What a blast!

Anyway, without further delay, this is the sixth time I will play tourguide on a whirlwind trip through the Blissdom Blizzard bloggers. I’ll post about 10 tourspots a day in no particular order until we get through the list. I am still having just as much fun meeting new bloggers and catching up with faithful friends today as on day one! How about you?

I regret that I had to skip a few. If a linked blog was too “edgy” then I couldn’t make it a tour spot. If I skipped you, please don’t take it personally.

That said, help yourself to coffee or hot chocolate. Grab some warm (but still stylish) shoes, and your purse of course, and since it’s a blizzard maybe a matching scarf and gloves, and let’s go hopping.

Next, meet Roxanne, Brad, Alexander, and Annaliese at the Canyon Chronicles. Let me sum this up. I love this blog. Instead of attempting to define Roxanne, please read what she has to say about herself. “I used to think I was defined by my cloth diapering, babywearing, love to cooking, running, vaccination delaying, homeschooling, amateur gardening, baby led weaning, praying, faraway traveling, sprout growing, recycling, natural living, raw food eating, small government believing, pro-life advocating, television abandoning, breastfeeding and deep thinking ways. Now, although I may choose to still do those things, I will simply be me, a sinner saved by the King’s grace, wife to my Prince and mother of two sweet children.” And the Canyon? Life is like a canyon, says Roxanne, and God is the river and the steep walls and cliff s are our life experiences. We want to keep our river (God) running and driving us in the right direction. After reading about Brad’s struggle with allergies and Roxanne’s responses in the kitchen, I am hoping to share Sue Gregg’s oatmeal blender waffle recipe pretty soon.

Next meet Christy and soldier husband Chad, at her “My Gifts…Among Other things” blog  They are currently stationed in Germany. Christy is mother to four lovely children and has one on the way. In the upper right hand corner of this blog is a ribbon that proclaims, “As for me and my blog, we will serve the Lord!” Nearly 10 years ago, Christy and Chad lost their two year old to a terrible illness and it is clear that she was loved and is remembered fondly. Christy’s close walk with Christ is truly inspiring.

Bobbi Janay at When did I go from a Kid to Grown-up is a 24 year old wife and mother who lives in Dallas, TX with her husband Casey, son Ian, and a new arrival expected this September. With Bobbi Janay expecting again, I enjoyed reading about Casey’s Weight Loss Challenge.

Meet Brooke at A Life in Need of Change. By way of introduction, Brooke discusses how secrets have damaged lives and hurt Christian walks. She says that the people who have had the greatest impact on her have made their lives secret free. She states that her mission is to be an open book and post daily devotionals specifically for women on her blog. Brooke meets this ministry calling on her blog in various ways. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. I really appreciated this post about praying by name.

When I hopped toward Hirshhousehold6, I have to admit I felt a bit of concern. “Blogger” took me a warning page that stated I might be exposed to “mature” content. Never fear. Meet Stephanie and her soldier hubby, currently stationed in Germany but headed to Ft. Hood, TX pretty soon. She and her husband met online when she was 18 and were married three months later. Today, they are parents to two lovely girls. The thing about living the military life is there is some opportunity to see the world. Check out this post about visiting Metz, France.

Meet Deb, a homemaker and homeschooler of three lovely girls who practices FRUGAL LIVING AND HAVING FUN. In her introduction, Deb says, “Every day we have a lot of fun with each other learning how to save money, learn new recipes, frugal tips, and most of all support and enjoy one another on our journey of staying or keeping out of debt by taking charge of where we decide our money goes!” Goodness but her blog is a “wealth” of information on how to be more thrifty. Even more impressive is Deb’s deep and abiding faith. I was so touched by this story of her daughter’s recovery from a major spinal surgery.

Joshua 24:15 welcomes you to the inside of the white picket fence where you will meet Maria, a former public school elementary teacher turned Grad student to her handsome sailor hubby. They are proud parents of a beautiful little girl. I enjoyed reading their love story from his perspective.

Meet GI Joe’s wife, Sarah, who introduces herself as a lover of God and imperfect person trying to live the way God wants her to live. She is an avid reader and writer at heart who holds a degree in History Education. Currently, she is a homemaker and wife to her “amazing Soldier” husband, G.I. Joe. They are in Georgia until Joe finishes his training, afterwhich they are destined for Hawaii. Sarahs purpose for blogging is to document adjusting to married life, military life, and her daily walk with Christ. I must say that reading this post brought back some memories for me.

Meet “LMC” who married her Army Officer husband just a few weeks ago. They are enjoying every minute together before hubby has to deploy again. She hasn’t been blogging very long, but I am certainly going to check back and see how the deployment is going. I was so touched by their engagement story.

Let’s follow some Southern Pathways to the home of newlyweds Meg and husband, Andrew. Her blog is devoted to her daily life as a homemaker and her daily walk with Christ. Like me, she is a menu planner and a foodie. I can’t wait to share some recipes. I will also be keeping a careful eye on where Meg is feeling led by the Lord.

Okay, everyone! That concludes today’s tour. I hope you enjoyed it and I encourage you to visit these awesome, inspiring, funny, and interesting blogs. If you like what these ladies do, don’t be shy about leaving them a comment. Comments are the currency that rewards the blogger’s soul. Happy hopping everyone!


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