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No Garden This Year

I have an extensive travel schedule lined up for this year. It started about two weeks ago, and will continue until the end of October. At one point, there will be an entire month that I’m away from home (although, thankfully it will be summer time so my family will be with me.)

In the past, once the growing season really kicked in, I would spend time in the garden every day, weeding, tending plants, etc. When the harvest started coming in, I’d preserve by drying, freezing, or canning…


This is the Time of Year…

…that floors go unswept, dishes sit in the dishwasher, and laundry is lucky to make it from washer to dryer before having to be re-washed. That ground gets tilled, seeds get planted, and flower pots and beds get filled.


Staying on Schedule

You can make schedules all day long. The challenge comes in implementing the schedule. Here’s the way I’ve looked at it: I’ve thought about how a hired housekeeper for a large home is able to stay on task, keep it immaculate, and cook meals in the process. The answer is: she doesn’t play around on Facebook all day, she doesn’t watch television in the middle of the morning, she doesn’t read a murder mystery in the middle of the afternoon — the housekeeper clocks in at a certain time in the morning, performs the daily tasks as the job description requires, and leaves in the evening. When I worked, I was able to do my job efficiently and exceptionally because I worked – all day long, I worked. I had a schedule, I kept it.

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