The Language of Touch

Posted by Hallee on Mar 14, 2012 in Parenting, Raising boys

My oldest son’s love language is absolutely touch. There is no doubt about it. He rubs, strokes, touches, hugs, feels constantly. When he sits next to me, he’ll grab my hand and put it on his head so that I’ll rub his head.

So, whenever I find that I have a free moment and I happen to be sitting down, you can almost bet that Scott will be in my lap.

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Surviving Separation: The Written Word

Posted by Hallee on Oct 5, 2010 in Love, Marriage, Romance, Surviving separation

This is part seven in a series about surviving separation from your spouse. Read all posts in this series. Gregg and I have been married for over eight years. We didn’t live together until our first anniversary. Three months after we married, he deployed to Afghanistan. A couple of years later, he changed his military […]


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The Power of a Praying Wife: Chapter 5 – His Affection

Posted by Hallee on Jun 12, 2010 in Christian Faith, Holy matrimony, Love, Praying Wife

While I feel strong feelings of love and devotion to my husband, to whom I am certainly emotionally attached, I am not an overly affectionate person. I think there was a time when I once was, when I was younger, but circumstances and situations can strip tendencies away. Over time, I’ve become very stoic about most things. I am not overly emotional ever, I don’t react emotionally, and I’m not really a reach out and hug kind of person.

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The Best Husband on the Planet

Posted by Hallee on Jun 8, 2010 in Holy matrimony, Love, Marriage, Surviving separation

So, a couple of weeks ago, he told me that he mailed me a box and he couldn’t wait for me to get it. (For you new visitors to my blog, Gregg is in Afghanistan.) He just doesn’t have time or opportunity to mail a lot of boxes, so I was excited. For him to have purchased something for me, and be able to work time into his schedule to actually mail it was very intriguing. When I got the box today, it was very small, and my anticipation of what was inside was further piqued.

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