Popcorn? Really?

Posted by Hallee on Sep 14, 2010 in Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips

As I was doing research for purchasing my grain mill, I read all sorts of “don’t do’s.” One of them was don’t try to grind anything that was too hard, including popcorn. But, when I got my grain mill (a NutriMill) the booklet that came with the machine said, “Popcorn will make the best cornmeal you’ve ever tasted.”


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Tip: How to Pasteurize an Egg

Posted by Hallee on Jan 23, 2010 in Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips

It has come to my attention that some folks are concerned about the use of raw egg yolk in my mayonnaise recipe. I tested this home pasteurization technique today to ensure that my mayonnaise recipe still works and I am happy to report that it works fine.

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My Threesome Weekend: Me, Gregg, & George Foreman

Posted by Hallee on Jan 20, 2010 in Hallee's Galley, Holy matrimony, Love, Marriage, Romance

There was a lot more to our weekend, but I won’t go into it here (heh). It was beautiful, and wonderful, and I fell in love with my husband a million more times this weekend.


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Tip: How to Break Down a Chicken

Posted by Hallee on Dec 3, 2009 in Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips

It’s so much cheaper to break your own chicken down than to pay the price for a “whole cut up chicken”. Substantially cheaper. Cheaper like half as much per pound cheaper. Here’s how you break down a bird.


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Roasted Red Peppers

Posted by Hallee on Nov 25, 2009 in Hallee's Galley, Preserving

Roasted red peppers are SO good in so many things — salad, pasta, on top of chicken…they have such a sweet and smoky flavor. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to do with your leftover Thanksgiving turkey, just toss the meat with some pasta and some roasted red peppers and you have and amazing, healthy meal in no time.


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Tip: My New Favorite Kitchen Appliance

Posted by Hallee on Nov 9, 2009 in Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips

Gregg bought me this apple peeler and corer and slicer all in one at a kitchen store in August. He buys me things all the time, so I didn’t really realize what a treasure I had.


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Tip: Peeling Tomatoes

Posted by Hallee on Sep 11, 2009 in Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips

This is an easy way to peel tomatoes. The same process can be used for peaches and other similarly skinned fruits that you intend to cook or can right away.


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Tip: My “New” Stand Mixer

Posted by Hallee on Aug 10, 2009 in Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips

Try replacing the drawer and cabinet door handles or knobs, and the hinges with a nice looking but inexpensive set that will accent the look of the room.

For around $20, you can get a can of countertop treatment which fills in the cuts scratches and dings, and coats the whole counter, making that Formica look better than new in one of 40 possible modern colors.

Rope LED lighting is inexpensive and provides a warm, soft glow under the counter.

Maybe hubby can paint mis-matched appliances to match your other appliances.


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Tip: Chopping Onions

Posted by Hallee on Aug 8, 2009 in Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips

My favorite onion dicer. It dices onion, peppers, garlic, pickles — almost anything except carrots! — in a small dice or a large dice.

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