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Menu Planning

As I’ve said in My Schedule (see the tabs above) long ago I had a full-time job with professional and personal commitments that kept me extremely busy. However, eating out all of the time was no a fiscal option, and fast food was not a healthy option, so I made sure that I cooked dinner every night. The only way to be able to do that with the lifestyle we lived and to eat before 9 o’clock every night was to have a menu plan.

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The Dollar Menu

Gregg and I watched Food, Inc., last week. The facts presented were interesting, but it was just ridiculous how they twisted things with the intent of eliciting an emotional response. The facts as facts were enough to get the point across without the added exaggeration element. But, I guess that’s how “documentaries” are presented.


Taco Meat

This is a wonderful base recipe to make anything from tacos to burritos to taco salad to nachos. It’s flavorful, and you can control the level of spice and seasoning to suit your own tastes.

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