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Skunk – Eww

Then I saw Nina, running toward me, stopping every two feet or so to drag her face on the grass. And, I knew. I knew before she even reached me.

She’d been sprayed, point blank range, right in the face by a skunk.


Homemade Dog Food

My puppy, Cybil, is obsessed with our food. She snatches it out of kids’ hands, off of the counter, off of the table – it’s a constant fight to keep her down and away from food. I thought that maybe making her dog food out of our leftovers would break her obsession. It did work some, but not entirely, but there has been an improvement. Nevertheless, I’ve made the homemade dog food part of our daily routine. Both of the dogs clean their bowls every time. I had at one time thought to replace the dry dog food I buy entirely; however, I really just supplement with the homemade.

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Cold Toes

I have a window above my kitchen sink.

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