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Tip: The Importance of Measuring

Monday, as I was baking for the week and making both kinds of bread, I pulled out my worn recipes and followed them, carefully, step-by-step. As I did this, I was reminded of something that an ex-inlaw once said to me. She said that I wasn’t a real cook because I measured. She said that real cooks don’t have to measure.


Baking on a Massive Scale

A local church is facilitating a bake sale for our family’s youth summer camp for disadvantaged youths. The bake sale commences at 8AM on Saturday morning at our local Wal-Mart (and Wal-Mart will match whatever we make in the bake sale!)

It has been REALLY hot out there lately, so we’ve been trying to plan what to bake that will handle the heat. For instance, I think chocolate chip (or cinnamon chip) cookies would become big gooey messes, and icing would likely slide off of any cakes.


Delectable Blondies

My husband does not like chocolate, so whenever I make Brownies, I always make him a pan of Blondies. Instead of relying on chocolate for their flavor, they’re all about the brown sugar, giving them a wonderful flavor of molasses, warm and inviting.

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And the Winner Is…

Congratulations dramaqueensmum! You’ve just won the Christmas Baking Gift Pack, including baking sheets, rolling pin, kitchen towels, potholders, wooden spoons, rubber spatulas, cookie cutters, and Christmas sprinkles.


Harvest Bread: a recipe for children

I was looking around online the other day to find something uniquely Canadian to post about Thanksgiving. Since Canadian Thanksgiving is actually a celebration of harvest and has nothing to do with pilgrims and the new world, what I found referenced over and over again was Harvest Bread.

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