Coming of Age

This is the first picture I ever posted of my Kaylee on this blog.


I’ve been blogging for over four years now, and it’s AMAZING the difference four years makes in the life of a child.  From 12-16, there’s a transformation from little girl to young lady and such a gradual way that you have no idea that it’s happening.  And yet, we go from this:


To this:

kaylee jeep

In less than 1600 days.

And now, we have another licensed driver in our home.


And last night I left her volleyball game so that I could go home and put the boys to bed an hour past their bedtime and I didn’t have to go back and get her.  She drove herself home in the Jeep Wrangler we got her last month, maneuvering that 5-speed like she was born driving.

kaylee jeep driving

(Here’s a video of Gregg presenting Kaylee with her new Jeep – her dream car that she had NO IDEA of us getting for her.)

It is amazing to me how much maturing happens in that time period, how much growth, how much steadiness occurs.  She is a beautiful, graceful, confident young woman who, now, can drive herself around because the state (finally) deemed her old enough and capable enough.

I think of me at her age and I cringe.  And pray.  Really hard.  And I realize she’s good, and kind, and loves Jesus more than anything.

I’m so thankful of this incredible woman God gave me as a daughter.

Congratulations, Kaylee, on passing your test, on charming the trooper who administered it so that she was laughing at some anecdote you gave as she got out of the car.  I’m so excited you get to drive yourself to school this morning and park in student parking in your little assigned spot.  A whole new world just opened up to you, and that’s so exciting!



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