My Cleaning Kit

My home has three levels – and I’m up and down two flights of stairs several times a day.  I do not have the storage space on the main floor or on the top floor in which to store cleaning supplies, so I have a “Cleaning Kit” that I carry around with me.

I just restocked it with clean rags and steam mop pads, so I thought I’d take  you on a journey through my cleaning kit.

The bag itself is a bag I got from 31 – it was “spend so much money and get this utility bag for $5” kind of deal.  I didn’t even buy it with a specific plan in mind, but as soon as I got it, I knew for what I would be using it.  It’s water-proof and really durable – the straps are strong.  It also holds WAY more than you’d realize looking at it.

Inside, I keep:

Rags, dust cloths, sponges, and pads for my steam mop:

Brushes: small broom & dustpan, scrub brushes, small toothbrush-sized brushes:

Little accessories for my Dyson vacuum cleaner (though there are some that are much too big to carry around.  I just collect those as I need them.)

Rubber gloves (a must for any cleaning kit):

And my window squeegy — I wouldn’t do windows without it:

Those are the accoutrements.  As far as cleaning supplies goes I have a standard staple of a bleach water mix, an all purpose cleaning detergent mix,vinegar and water mix, furniture polish, essential lemon oil, Bon Ami scrub, a container of baking soda, and I just keep Goo Gone in the bag in case I come across something while working:

All of that packs neatly into my bag.  The straps are long enough that I can sling it over my shoulder in case I have to carry a vacuum or steam mop with me while I’m traversing the house.

Do you have a cleaning kit?  What do you put in it?



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