Homeschool was going well.  I love the curriculum we chose, and the schedule was running smoothly.  When I was doing a lot of canning, I was worn out, but that comes with the season.

Then, last Wednesday night, our church had a business meeting.  We have a Christian school as part of our church, and Gregg (who has never been able to attend a business meeting at this church) was incredibly impressed with the financial report of the school, and with the fact that the school had slots with tuition assistance for disadvantaged families.

He went home that night pondering the school and started praying about it.  He felt very very pressed that we should put the boys there instead of homeschooling them.  The more he prayed about it, the more he felt like that was the right decision.

When he came to me about it, the decision was further cemented when I didn’t immediately reject the idea.  We talked about it and prayed about it early Friday morning, and by late morning, I was on the phone with the school administrator making an appointment to go talk to the preschool director.  I met the director and the teacher Friday afternoon and fell in love with them. Tuesday morning, Scott will have his first day of preschool.

Scott is just attending part time, and next year will begin kindergarten full time.  Johnathan is still going to be home with me, and will start part time preschool next year.

We don’t know why God is putting the boys in that school, but we’re letting Him lead us and we know that we’re making the right decision.

I’ll be working on my schedule and adjusting it to accommodate not homeschooling.  I will suddenly have time on my hands – something I am absolutely not used to.  I’m looking forward to seeing what God will have me do with it.



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