Christmas Craft: Lighted Jar

I saw these at a craft show.  The woman had a huge display all lit up and they were so beautiful.  Looking closer at them, I realized how easy they would be to make.

You need a glass container — you can do a jar, glass block — anything clear.  You also need decorations for the lid, some sort of bow or ribbons, lights (I used 100 count for the pictures, but switched to 60 count for use — use what fits in the jar), and a hot glue gun.

Fill the jar with lights.

Glue the decorations to the lid.

If your container does not have a lid, you can stick the decorations into the lights.

Make a bow.

Wrap the edge of the container with ribbon and glue the bow on.

Replace the lid.  Mine was not perfectly on, because of the cord of the lights.  But, the ribbon helps block that.

It is complete that simply and that quickly.

Simple, beautiful, different.  I love it.

without the lid
with the lid


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