A Christmas Tour of Our Home

Welcome to the annual Christmas tour of our home!  You will see that compared to last year, a lot of things have remained the same, but there are some new decorations, and some decorations have been removed.

After our research and the post I wrote on Wintertime Worship, Gregg and I were convicted to not pretend that Santa Claus existed last year.  Kaylee was already past Santa’s age, Scott was 3, and Jeb was 1.  So, there were no “presents from Santa” – and we quit talking about it.  However, there were decorations of Santa everywhere, and they had seen movies like the original Rudolf and such.

As our year progressed and I did research and wrote Eostre & the Chocolate Bunny, and Gregg wrote his follow-up Personal Meanings of Easter, our conviction took on new form.  This year, we have stripped Santa from everything we could.  Unfortunately, we were too late.  Scott already had Santa on his mind, and we have a had a bit of struggle with it this year.  But, Santa is gone from the house and we are answering his questions as they arise.

That said, let’s progress with the tour!

I am not a “decorator.”  I just kind of collect things and stick them where they’ll fit.  I tend to have a bit of a hodge-podge.  I really look forward to Gregg being home for good, because he really has an eye for things and I simply do not.

My kitchen table:

I found some towels that were burgundy and black last year at after-Christmas specials.  I was thrilled, because those are the colors of my coffee-colored kitchen.

This little snowman breaks down into 3 bowls – I love it!  It’s sitting where my cookie jar normally sits.

All of our dishes have been replaced with this Christmas set.

The main bathroom:

The hall way card holder:

The kids have trees in their rooms that match the color schemes of their rooms:

My living room:

My Town of Bethlehem:


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