These Locks Given in Love

Here is my hair before we left.

I hesitated before having this done.  My husband loves long hair on me.  I’ve always personally liked it kind of short, but it’s an easy way to make him happy to keep it long.  When I mentioned to him that I had hair long enough to donate to Locks of Love, he immediately started encouraging me to do so.  His mother died from breast cancer, and he watched her lose her hair then wear a wig for quite a few of her last months.  He told me he loved my hair, long or short, and would love it even more knowing that I’d donated again to Locks of Love.  I did it before 3 years ago and Kaylee did it 2 years ago.

Kaylee had an early release day from school today, so we went after lunch.

Here is a video of the cutting.  I had no idea that Kaylee was filming this, so it’s completely candid.  Jeb was talking to me – asking me about “minty gum” – I love being a mom.

Here are the still shots of it, including one with Jeb holding up his piece of minty gum:

I’m very pleased with the style.  I told the student (we use a beauty school that Gregg’s aunt and cousin own) that she was welcome to play around with the style – that I had no preference as long as it wasn’t cropped too short.  She did a great job.


I’m so grateful for your visit, today.
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