Projecting Self Respect

I started to make this a glib Facebook status, but decided instead that my little mini-rant could actually be a blog post.

My Dyson got clogged somehow.  Cleaning up the sawdust from the demo of my cabinet to make my new refrigerator fit (details and pictures coming soon!), I realized that it wasn’t really performing with the legendary Dyson sucking power (Sara – ♥) so I took it apart to find out the problem (I wasn’t the last to use it, so I couldn’t figure out what could possibly be wrong.)  After I extracted a pearl necklace and some crayons, as I was putting it back together, a piece fell off.  I couldn’t get it to go on right, so instead of forcing it (since most of the parts of a Dyson are plastic, and I’d rather not force a piece of plastic to a breaking point) I went ahead and took it to a vacuum cleaner repair shop.

The shop is downtown in our little town, near the courthouse.  I love our downtown.  It’s very quaint and timeless.  Across from the shop is a new restaurant called The Dog House -a very fun and very cute lunch place.  Since their hot dogs are all beef, the boys and I ate lunch there while waiting for the vacuum cleaner.

While in the Dog House, a girl came in to get an application, because they’re opening another one across town.  She had on sweat pants, an old t-shirt, and her hair was in a pony tail.  That might have seemed odd, but the girl behind the counter taking applications had on Captain Morgan pajamas.

What is wrong with people today?  I almost feel like it’s a sign of a lack of self respect.  Seeing people going into stores in pajama bottoms is very weird to me.  Seeing people working in the stores in pajama bottoms seems WRONG to me.  Being served by a woman my age wearing pajamas advertising spiced rum and taking an application from a girl in sweatpants seems completely backwards.

It just seems like that if you wake up in the morning and feel good about yourself, about life, about your part in God’s plan, then you’d have enough self respect to at the very least throw on a pair of jeans.  I would think that your outward appearance, how you project yourself to others, is worth at least a small amount of effort.

But day by day, it seems this wave of sloppy, casual, I-don’t-care-about-myself-or-my-appearance is just spreading, and in a small way that makes me a little sad.


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