Bob & Mira

Yesterday, I received my little red Netflix envelope.  I have the small Netflix account.  Whatever the price is (less than $10 I think), I get one movie at a time and access to Netflix instant.  When I opened the envelope, imagine my surprise when it was a movie I’ve never even heard of  — The Last Templar.

I asked Gregg if he’d ordered it for me, and he said, “Yeah.  It has Bob in it.  You’ll like it.  And it’s a great film.”

Anyone who enjoyed the first season of The Unit the way I did would know who Bob is.  If you don’t know, then may I recommend the first season (and the first season only) of The Unit, and the ability to fast-forward through the wives?  They were pretty much unnecessary to me and took away from the plots with Bob the men.

The Last Templar also has Mira Sorvino in it.  About 20 minutes into watching it, Gregg called me.  In the course of our conversation, I said that Mira Sorvino’s mouth bothers me.  The way it moves when she speaks distracts me from what she’s saying and annoys  me.  He laughed and said, “What?  I think she’s hot, personally.”

Now, that gave me pause.  Gregg doesn’t say that about ANYONE.  Well, except me.  “You think she’s hot?” I said, not angrily, but curious.

“Sure.  She speaks 6 languages and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard.”


Let me just say that I absolutely love and adore my husband.  He fills my heart with such joy.  And he loves me. But, I used to wonder all the time why in the world he loves me.  I graduated from Spencer High School.  That’s the extent of my education.  And, I speak English.  I don’t speak it well – I write it way better than I verbalize it – but I do speak that one language proficiently.

It took me several years to know that Gregg loves me because God designed him to love me.  And even when he’s admiring another woman’s “hotness” by her academic accomplishments, I am still confident in his love for me.

And I still think her mouth is funny.


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