The Garden – Week 4

I was sick 5 out of the last 7 days.  My lawn needs to be mowed, and my garden seriously needs to be weeded.  But, because I’m a stickler for a schedule, I’m posting this week’s pics anyway.  I pray I have the time and energy to get the weeds under control in the next week.


The squash is growing nicely, but the cantaloupe that I planted both died, and all of the seedlings died.  I’m not sure what happened there – I grew cantaloupe in the same spot last year.  I may or may not pick up some store-bought seedlings this week.

The corn is looking great.

The beans and peas keep popping up.  I think I have them all thinned out, and more grow!  Which is a good problem to have, I guess.

The peppers already have blooms on them.

Whatever was eating my tomatoes seems to have left them alone this week.  All of the new leaves are bite-free.

However, my bell pepper seedlings are being attacked by something and I just can’t get them big enough to transplant.  I’m probably going to have to buy some.

The radishes are thriving.

Carrots popped up!  It’s so odd.  I planted them the same week I planed the radishes.

The potatoes are just amazing.  I’m so excited about this experiment.

The lettuce looks good.  I need to thin it out some.

The herbs are hanging in there.  I think the little seedlings are getting stronger.

Here is a picture of my apple tree.  I’m only showing you this because in a month or so, these branches will be so weighted down with apples that they will be touching the ground – it will look like a weeping willow.

Here is a picture of my baby apples.

How is your garden coming along?  It’s awesome that it’s already June!


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