The Garden – Week 3

It’s all starting to happen this week.  Lots of progress has been made, but there’s still work to do every day.  Here’s the view of the big garden – the shadow of the house is annoying.  Sorry about that.  I didn’t take the picture until Wednesday morning, when I have been taking them Tuesday evening:

The corn is looking good.

The peas finally came up.

The beans would be doing well if I could keep the puppy from eating them.

Something has gotten into my tomatoes.  I’m not sure what or what to do about it.  You can see that the seedlings have the same problem, but not the squash seedlings next to them.  Any ideas would be a blessing.

I put the zucchini and yellow squash in their own little area – the plants get so big and will have so much harvest that I wanted easy access to them.

I’ve planted peppers, jalepenos, eggplant, chillies, cucumber:

The radishes seem to be very healthy.

My carrots never did pop up, and the onion aren’t loving the garden too much.

The potatoes are as full of dirt as they can be.  Now they just need to grow and mature.


I started the herb garden in the shoe tree.  Obviously, I have more work to do on it.

And my lettuce is growing beautifully in its container.  I am about to start a second container of mixed greens as well.

That’s this week’s pictures.  How is your garden coming along?


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