Big Boy: A Mamarazzi Monday Post

We moved Johnathan into his toddler bed this weekend.

I should have taken a picture of me and my friend Melissa putting the bed together.  Oh, how I miss my husband.  It’s together, though, and perfectly matches Scott’s bed, which is awesome because Scott’s bed was given to us so I wasn’t positive I’d be able to find it.

The only thing he doesn’t seem to like about it is that his head is facing the opposite direction of his crib.

He and Scott share a room.  The second night in the new bed, they snuck out of bed and quietly played with their toys.  I likely wouldn’t have caught them if they hadn’t have started fighting.  I put them back to bed and told them not to get back out again, and five minutes later they were both asleep.

My boys are growing up.  A little too quickly, if you ask me.


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